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A  -  Amperes
A/C  -  Air Conditioning
A/D  -  Analog to Digital
A/F  -  Air Fuel Ratio
A/T  -  Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
A-6  -  Axial 6 cylinder A/C compressor
AALA  -  American Automobile Labelling Act
AAT  -  Ambient Air Temperature
ABARS  -  Automobile Backward Automatic Ranging System
ABC  -  Active Body Control
ABS  -  Antilock Brake System
AC  -  Alternating Current
ACC  -  Adaptive Cruise Control;  Air Conditioning Clutch;  Automatic Climate Control
ACCEL  -  Acceleration
ACCS  -  Air Conditioning Cycling Switch
ACCUM  -  Accumulator
ACCY  -  Accessory
ACD  -  Air Conditioning Demand
ACE  -  Active Cornering Enhancement
ACL   -  Air cleaner
ACM  -  Airbag Control Module;  Audio Control Module
ACON  -  Air Conditioning On
ACP  -  Air Conditioning Pressure
ACR4  -  Air Conditioning Refrigerant, Recovery, Recycling, Recharging
ACT  -  Actual;  Air Charge Temperature
ACTV  -  Activate
ACV  -  Actual Cash Value;  (thermactor) Air Control Valve
AD  -  Accomodated Device
ADAPT  -  Adaptive
ADAPTS  -  Adapters
ADAS  -  Advanced Driver Assistance System
ADBV  -  Anti Drainback Valve
ADC  -  Automatic Distance Control
ADG  -  Accomodated Device Gateway
ADJ  -  Adjust
ADL  -  Automatic Door Lock
ADS  -  Auxilliary Discriminating Sensor
ADU  -  Analog-Digital Unit
AECM  -  Airbag Electronic Control Module
AFC  -  Air Flow Control
AFCD  -  Advanced Frontal Crash Dummy
AFCM  -  Alternate Fuel Control Module
AFECM  -  Alternate Fuel Engine Control Module
AFO  -  Alternate Fuel Operation
AFR  -  Air Fuel Ratio
AFT  -  After
AGSP  -  Auxilliary Gauge Switch Pack
AGVS  -  Automated Guided Vehicle System
AHLD  -  Automatic Headlamp Levelling Device
AHR  -  Active Head Restraint
AHRS  -  Amp Hours
AHS  -  Active Handling System
AIM  -  Automotive Interior Material
AIR  -  Air Injection Reaction
AIRB  -  Secondary Air Injection Bypass
AIRD  -  Secondary Air Injection Diverter
AIRM  -  Secondary AIR Pump Monitor
AIS  -  Automatic Idle Speed
ALC  -  Automatic Lamp Control;  Automatic Level Control
ALCL  -  Assembly Line Communications Link
ALDL  -  Assembly Line Data Link
ALM  -  Adaptive Learn Matrix
ALR  -  Automatic Locking Retractor
ALT  -  Alternative;  Alternator
AM  -  Amplitude Modulation
AMB  -  Ambient
AMM  -  Air Mass Meter
AMP  -  Amplifier
AMPS  -  Amperes or Amperage
AMS  -  Automatic Music Search
AMT  -  Automated Manual Transmission
AOD  -  Automatic Overdrive
AODE  -  Automatic Overdrive Electronic (transmission)
AODE-W  -  Automatic Overdrive Electronic - Wide ratio (transmission)
AOS  -  Automatic Occupant Sensing
AP  -  Accelerator Pedal
APADS  -  Air Conditioning Protection and Diagnostic System
APC  -  Automatic Performance Control
APCM  -  Accessory (or Auxilliary) Power Control Module
APECS  -  Advanced Proportional Engine Control System
API  -  American Petroleum Institute
APO  -  Accessory Power Outlets
APP  -  Accelerator Pedal Position
APR  -  Annual Percentage Rate
APT  -  Adjustable part Throttle
ARC  -  Active Roll Control;  Automatic Ride Control
ARS  -  Adaptive Receptive System;  Automatic Restraint System
ARTHUR  -  Automatic Radio system for Traffic situations on Highways and Urban Roads
ASA  -  Air Signal Attenuator;  Automatic Slack Adjuster
ASARC  -  Air Suspension Automatic Ride Control
ASC  -  Anti Stall Control
ASD  -  Automatic Shutdown
ASG  -  Automatic-Shift Gearbox
ASM  -  Acceleration Simulation Mode;  Accelerator and Servo control Module;  Air Solenoid Module;
             Alarm Siren Module;  Assembly
ASR  -  Acceleration Slip Regulation
ASSYST  -  Active Service System
ASTC  -  Automatic Stability and Traction Control
ASTM  -  American Society for Testing and Materials
ATC  -  Automatic Temperature Control
ATDC  -  After Top Dead Center
ATF  -  Active Transfer Case;  Automatic Transfer Case;  Automatic Transmission Fluid
ATM  -  Actuator Test Mode
AT-PZEV  -  Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission Vehicle
ATSLC  -  Automatic Transmission Shift Lock Control
ATTS  -  Automatic Torque Transfer System;  Advanced Torque Transfer System
ATX  -  Automatic Transaxle
AWD  -  All Wheel Drive
AWG  -  American Wire Gage
AXOD  -  Automatic Overdrive Transaxle
AXOD-E  -  Automatic Overdrive Transaxle - Electronically Controlled
AYC  -  Active Yaw Control

Here is a list of Automotive Acronyms and Abbreviations.  These are not specific to just Classic Cars, but covers all Automotive Acronyms and Abbreviations in general.  This is not an all inclusive list and as we come across more, we will add them here.  Drop us a note if you see something we missed. Note that some acronyms have more that one meaning.

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