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Phase 1 coming Jan 1, 2012. This database will serve as a  classic car resource center for the "Car Guy".  Find interesting facts, RPO codes, VIN and Trim Tag Decoders along with tons of other good information.
We are working to put together a variety of other services that will be made available to you should you choose to use them.  This includes assistance in locating that classic you always wanted using our Locator Service as well as Appraisal Services.
Click the photo above to see what classic cars we have available.  For a nominal fee, you can use our site to gain exposure to sell your classic car.  We do not negotiate the sale, we simply get your car in front of a larger audience of prospective buyers for as long as you want. 
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A Classic Car site designed for the Classic Car Enthusiast.  Our site is new and will continue to evolve into something great for the Car Enthusiast.  This site will provide a wealth of information to all car owners regardless of the kind of car you own.  In time we plan to offer a variety of information that will support all of your Classic Car needs.  At times we may even have some Fine Art, Prints and Photographs available.  These are hobbies we have been involved in for over 30 years that we are now taking to the next level.

Are you looking to purchase a Classic Chevrolet Car or have one you want to sell?  Do you need to research a particular Chevy Classic?  If so, then we have great news for you. We are in the process of developing what we hope will evolve into the best one-stop Classic Car Reference Databases available for Chevy cars. Our goal is to have all Chevrolet Classic Car information available in one place.  No more searching multiple sites for the info or buying expensive books. Our focus is Chevy vehicles from 1953-1972. At that point we plan to expand the years into the 1970's if not early 1980's as these cars are starting to gain popularity in their own right.

Of course this will take considerable time to build and will evolve for years to come, so please be patient with us as we develop this Classic Car information repository of Chevy cars.  We will post updates to our Facebook and Twitter pages as well as here.  If you are an expert on any particular model and would like to help us by contributing information, we certainly welcome the help plus that will help us to make the information available sooner. 

We are car guys helping car guys.  Thank you for visiting


Would you like to share a photo of your Classic Car, of you and your Classic Car, a cool photo of a Classic Car or a neat personalized license plate?  We would love to display your photo on our "PHOTO GALLERY" page.  Just email it to us and we will include it in on our site. 

We have many other museum photos for you to review too.  Check them out by clicking any of the photos below.

Please be sure to sign our Guest Book.  Provide us any feedback or suggestions you have for our site.  Tell us what you like, what you don't like, or would like to see us add in the future.  You can also just drop in to say "Hi" and share with us what cars are in your 'stable'. 

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As referenced above, we are building this database for all car enthusiasts to use.  In essence this will be a repository of data of which we have a lot.  It is just finding the time to get it all entered.  Our initial focus are the Chevrolet cars because Chevy had the largest line of classic cars from this era.  We plan to someday expand this beyond Chevy and include  AMC, Buick, Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, Oldmobile and Pontiac to name a few.  We would also like to expand this to include years after 1972, but all in due time.  Bear with us while we work on the Chevy section of the database.  You can click on a car image below to go to the year menu.  Many may not be there yet, but hopefully will be soon.
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Note on the below Database: Caprice to be added soon.