I, ________________________, received $ ___________ dollars as a deposit towards the purchase of a
{Seller's Name}  {Deposit Amount}

___________________________________________, VIN# _____________________.

Vehicle referenced to be sold to the buyer for a total purchase price of $_____________.  Buyer is to
  {Total Purchase Price}

pay the balance of $____________ by the ______ day of ________________, 20____.
{Balance Due}  {Day}     {Month}{Year}

The Buyer understands, acknowledges, and agrees that if he/she fails to pay the Seller the remaining

$__________________ due by the above mentioned date, the Non-Refundable Deposit will be Forfeited.
{Balance Due}

The Seller hereby agrees in consideration of payment of the Non-refundable deposit to withdraw the

above referenced vehicle from the market until the above date and to transfer title of the vehicle to

the Buyer upon receipt of the remaining amount due.

{Seller's Signature}{Buyer's Signature}

{Seller's Printed Name}   {Buyer's Printed Name}

{Date}     {Date}