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Interior Codes

Code               Description

Std/Blk             Black Vinyl
490 AA/AB/G/H       Red Vinyl
490 BA/BB/J/K       Blue Vinyl
490 CA/CB/L/M       Saddle Vinyl
491 AA/AE           Silver and Black Vinyl
491 BA/BE/M/N       Silver and Blue Vinyl
491 CA/CB/CE        White and Black Vinyl
491 DA/DE/P/Q       White and Red Vinyl
491 GA/GE/R/S       White and Blue Vinyl
491 HA/HE/T/U       White and Saddle Vinyl
898 A               Black Leather
898 CA/DA/G/H       Saddle Leather
898 FA/EA/L/M       Red Leather
898 JA/KA/N/P       Blue Leather
899 AA/AE           Silver and Black Leather
899 BA/BE/M/N       Silver and Blue Leather
899 CA/CB/CE        White and Black Leather
899 DA/DE/P/Q       White and Red Leather
899 GA/GE/R/S       White and Blue Leather
899 HA/HE/T/U       White and Saddle Leather

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