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The VIN plate could be located on the drivers side door post area from 1953 to early 1960. You could find it on the 1955 on left door hinge below courtesy lamp switch and from 1956 to 1959 on the Left door hinge pillar below upper hinge.

The early Corvette's that had 6 Cylinder engines did not have the Letter "V" as the first Sequence Number. The Letter "V" stands for V8. The VIN of 6 cylinder cars will always start with the Letter "E". This is why the VIN will be 10 digits for 1953-54 cars. For the 1955 model they added the letter V to get 11. After 1955 they went back to a 10 digit sequence.

How to Decode a VIN Plate:

First Character: Manufacturer/Model

  J - General Motors Identification Code for the Corvette (1958 & 1959)
  E - General Motors Identification Code for the Corvette (1953 & 1957)
VE - GM/Chevy Corvette with a V8 (1955 only, the V was dropped for 6 cylinder cars)

Second & Third Characters: Model Year

  53 - 1953
  54 - 1954
  55 - 1955
  56 - 1956
  57 - 1957
  58 - 1958
  59 - 1959

Fourth Character: Assembly Plant

  F - Flint (only the 300 1953 vettes were produced here)
  S - St. Louis

Fifth through tenth Characters: Production Sequence Number

  In 1959, the VIN sequence used for the vehicles produced was J59S100001 through J59S109670.
EXAMPLE - To the left is an example of how a 1959 Corvette VIN might read.  A VIN of J59S108997 would indicate the following:

A Chevrolet Corvette that is a 1959 model that was build at the St. Louis Assembly Plant with Sequence Number 108997
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