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ABOUT THE 1959 CORVETTE: (click here for images)

For the 1959 model, engines and horsepower ratings did not change. Interiors were revised slightly with different instrument graphics and the addition of a storage bin to the passenger side. A positive reverse lockout shifter with "T" handle was standard with 4-speed manual transmission. This was the only year a turquoise convertible top color could be ordered, and all 24-gallon fuel tank models through 1962 could not be ordered with convertible tops due to inadequate space for the folding top mechanism.  Rare options: RPO 684 heavy-duty brakes and suspension (142), metallic brakes (333), 15 by 5.5 in (38 by 14 cm) wheels (214), power windows (547), power convertible top (661).

The above text was reused from Wikipedia and can be found by clicking here.
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