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Do not confuse the Vehicle Identification Number plate information with that found on the Fisher Body Number plate (trim tag). The series depiction on the VIN  plate does NOT have the same meaning as the Fisher Body Number plate.

The VIN plate is located on the forward part of the dash so the VIN plate could easily been seen through the windshield of the car.

How to Decode a VIN Plate:

First Character: Division of General Motors

  1 - Chevrolet

Second Character: Series Designation

  2 - Camaro

Third Character: Engine

  3 - 6 cylinder engine
  4 - 8 cylinder engine

Fourth and Fifth Character: Body Style

  37 - Coupe
  67 - Convertible

Sixth Character: Year of Production

  7 - 1967 model
  8 - 1968 model
  9 - 1969 model

Seventh Character: Final Assembly Plant

  L - Van Nuys, California
  N - Norwood, Ohio

Eighth through Thirteenth Characters: Sequential Production Number

  100001 - Sequence for 1967 models
  300001 - Sequence for 1968 models
  500001 - sequence for 1969 models

EXAMPLE - To the left is an example of how a 1969 Camaro VIN might read.  A VIN of 124679N502879 would indicate the following:

A Chevrolet Camaro with an 8 cylinder engine that is a convertible 1969 model built at the Norwood Plant with a vehicle serial number of 502879
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